Staff Grants

Whether you’re thinking of traveling to volunteer for CQNW or another Camp Quest affiliate, attending the leadership summit, or just need a little bit of financial help to attend camp, there are several types of financial assistance that volunteers can apply for.

Staff Travel Grant

CQNW can provide financial assistance for airfare and other expenses for three different types of travel:

  • General Staff Travel Grant
    • Brings in staff from out of the area to volunteer at a CQNW camp session.
    • Priority is given for specialist positions and other positions of critical need
  • Staff Ambassador Travel Grant
    • Send CQNW staff members to other Camp Quest affiliates to foster informational exchanges and goodwill.
    • Priority is given to “graduated” LT campers filling staff positions at other CQ affiliates. This enables them to have their first camp staff experience at a camp where they will not be put in the awkward position of being responsible for their camp friends.
    • Volunteers must show proof of acceptance on staff at the Camp Quest affiliate.
    • Volunteers must receive a recommendation from a member of CQNW Senior Leadership or their former LT counselor.
    • Volunteers must also plan to be on staff at one or more CQNW sessions during the summer in which they intend to travel.
  • Leadership Summit Travel Grant
    • Send CQNW staff members to the Camp Quest annual National Leadership Summit.
    • Priority will be given to volunteers who are giving a talk or presentation, and those who have never attended the leadership summit.
    • Volunteers must be in good standing with experience at one or more recent CQNW camp sessions, and be recommended by a member of the CQNW Board of Directors.

Staff Assistance Stipend

CQNW can provide financial assistance to volunteer staff who would otherwise not be able to attend a camp session due to financial obligations. Applications for Staff Assistance Stipends will be considered in the order they are received.

Staff financial assistance is provided in the form of a stipend and does not create an employer / employee relationship. Recipients of assistance funds will be required to sign a document agreeing to return the funds if they do not complete the full camp session, except for situations outside of the volunteer’s control. Additionally, funds should not be disbursed earlier than 30 days prior to the camp session the recipient is registered for.

How To Apply

To apply for a Staff Travel Grant or Staff Assistance Stipend:

  • In order to qualify for any of these grants you must be accepted on staff for one or more CQNW sessions. You are welcome to apply for a grant before being accepted on staff and we will hold your place in the “queue” until you have been accepted.
  • You must have a financial need for the grant. Those who can otherwise afford to travel should not apply for a travel grant.
  • Complete the supplemental form “Volunteer Travel Grant and Staff Assistance Requests” within Active after you have completed your staff application.
  • Recipients of travel grants will be required to submit receipts in order to receive reimbursement.