Preparing for Camp

Prepare for an awesome summer! Camper info packets with all necessary information on pick-up, drop-off, and packing lists will be emailed to registered families prior to camp.

Packing Tips. Campers’ belongings should be kept in duffles/suitcases.  Label all items in permanent marker to ensure everything goes home with its owner at the end of the session. A mesh or canvas laundry bag can help keep dirty clothes separated from clean during the week.  Extra gallon zip-top baggies pre-labeled with campers’ names makes for easy pack-up at the end of the week. Belts are great for cinching sleeping bags and pillows.

  • Headgear. Hats, bandana, hair elastics, combs, brushes.
  • Clothing. Shorts, skirts you can play in, long pants; long and short-sleeved shirts; sweatshirts; undies and socks; PJs; 2 swimsuits; poncho or raincoat. Campers will receive a camp T-shirt during camp. Some campers choose to bring a special outfit for the dance, others prefer to attend the dance in shorts and t-shirt.
  • Footwear. Open-toed/backless shoes such as flip-flops are not permitted as general footwear around camp. Sneakers/hiking boots x2 pairs; flip flops for shower shoes. Many campers/staff find that water-proof shoes such as Keens, or water slippers are good for swimming and boating.
  • Toiletries. Toothbrush, toothpaste, liquid soaps/shampoos, deodorant, feminine products, shaving items. Campers will not have shelves on which to keep toiletries, so a caddy or bag is recommended. Electric hair care items should be left at home.
  • Bedding. Pillow, sleeping bag and/or blankets and sheet. A fitted sheet can make sleeping on camp mattresses feel more comfortable for many campers who use a sleeping bag.
  • Personal items. Bug spray; sunblock; water bottle; flashlight; two large towels (for shower and beach); watch; eyeglasses; sunglasses. While cabins have electricity, outlets are limited. Electric items should be left at home.
  • Optional: books, binoculars, swim goggles, notebook, sketchbook, musical instruments, cameras, stuffed animal pals, deck of cards, sports gear.
  • Medications with administration instructions, including over-the-counter meds like ibuprofen or vitamins, will be given to the camp nurse upon arrival and check-in.
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No cell phones needed here!

*NOTE ABOUT TECHNOLOGY: Camp is about slowing down and connecting with people and nature. In order to facilitate this goal, campers will leave their electronic devices at home. The only electronic devices that campers will be permitted to have are those whose sole purpose is to take pictures. If your camera is also capable of playing games, running apps, or communicating with the outside world, it will need to be left at home.

*NOTE ABOUT FOOD IN CABINS: Food in cabins attracts pests that make camp life miserable for everyone. As such, campers will not be permitted to have any food in their cabins. If a camper is hungry outside of our regular meal times, a healthy snack will be made available to them.

*NOTE ABOUT PETS IN THE CAMPGROUND: Unfortunately, other than service animals, our campsite strictly prohibits pets, even for brief “potty stops” during camper pickup and drop-off. If you need to bring your pet along during pick-up or drop-off, please feel free to walk them on the roads leading up to the campground entrance, but otherwise keep them in your car.

*NOTE ABOUT CHANGING BODIES:  Many campers are approaching–or in the throes of–adolescence. Staff are sensitive to this and responsive in accommodating a camper’s unexpected need for personal items during the week. Close quarters mean that campers may notice some of their peers shaving or using products like deodorant. Parents can talk with their children before camp about their decisions to use or not use products. Campers should never hesitate to speak with our camp nurse or head counselors if something concerns them at camp.

4 Responses to Preparing for Camp

  1. Lisa Walsh says:

    Hi! My Sonia attending camp qwest nw and I was curious as to where we are supposed to drop him off on the 10th?

    Lisa Walsh

    • becky says:

      Thank you for your inquiry, Lisa. You should have received a direct response from our camp registrar. If not, please email Otherwise, the camper packet with all necessary information on pick-up, drop-off, and packing lists will be emailed to registered families by end of July. Looking forward to spending an awesome week with your son!

  2. Glenna says:

    Is there a canteen? Should I send my son with some spending money?

    • Hello Glenna,

      We don’t host a canteen at camp. If your son ends up needing anything, he can let his counselor or the nurse know and we are happy to provide essentials. There will be neither need nor opportunity for spending money. Thanks for checking!

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