June & July 2015 Volunteer Update


Archery instruction introduced some new campers to the sport and provided an opportunity for others to hone their skills.

Camp Quest NorthWest – Oregon Recap

June was a busy month for Camp Quest NorthWest.  We successfully held our first session at Oregon 4-H Center with 18 counselors and 33 campers. Our staff was full of veterans, with every staff member having attended at least one prior camp session. Some notable milestones include:

  • Counselor Kiah holds a place of distinction as the first CQNW camper to “graduate” and join us on staff.
  • Counselor Val attended her 14th camp session and her first as a counselor. She has attended sessions at seven different Camps Quest.
  • Counselor Mary attended something like her 25th or 26th Camp Quest session. I’m not even sure she can keep track of them all at this point.

The Adventure Swing was a popular new activity unique to CQNW-OR.

With temperatures reaching the high 90’s, both campers and counselors enjoyed time in the pool, with swimming being one of our most popular activities. We also enjoyed canoeing in Pagoda Pond, the “Adventure Swing”, and nature walks. To stave off heat exhaustion, campers and counselors observed regular Water Appreciation Moments throughout the day, which were about as close to ritual as you’re likely to observe at Camp Quest NorthWest.


Campers explored the pond but saw no signs of the creature some call “Newton.”

Campers were introduced to Newton, the fabled giant migratory newt that attracted scholars and experts from around the world in anticipation of a rare sighting at CQNW – Oregon.  Many campers were skeptical after being presented with some flimsy evidence and conflicting accounts of sightings, history, and even the creature’s appearance. (Some of the more bewildering accounts suggest that it may have two heads!) Nonetheless, the guest experts remained steadfast and many of the counselors seemed to be convinced.

Washington Volunteers

Washington volunteers, we hope you’re getting excited for camp! CQNW-WA is just over one month away. An email was sent earlier today with a list of suggested camp supplies and to confirm your availability. Also, keep on the lookout for additional communications from me regarding training, programming, and other important details about camp.

Next Board Meetings

We’re now hard at work making final preparations for our Washington session in August. We’ll be holding not one but TWO board meetings in July, the first of which is just two days from now on Wednesday July 8th at 6:30 PM. The following meeting will be Wednesday July 29th. Both meetings will be at 6:30 PM at the Round Table Pizza in Burien. All new and returning volunteers are encouraged to attend.

If you’d like to to receive these updates via email, please send an email to volunteers+subscribe@campquestnorthwest.org.

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