One month after Camp: We had a BLAST!

In August 2014, 39 adult volunteers hosted 96 campers in Camp Quest NorthWest’s third summer session!  Our theme “Blast off!” helped our community envision traveling to distant worlds, build flight-worthy capsules and rockets, and ponder extraterrestrial encounters.

Our new campers and volunteers were welcomed into the Camp Quest Family, coming as far away as New York and South Korea! Founding CQNW volunteers Jami and John finally got to spend the week as cabin counselors, and counselor Jesse wins the distinction of Most Quested, having volunteered at EIGHT camp sessions around the US, included Minnesota, Oklahoma, Texas, and Colorado, and now NorthWest. Counselor Liz tied returning camper Bagel for Second Most Quested, having attended seven sessions around the west coast.

Other highlights:

  • A camp-wide scavenger hunt helped introduce campers to famous freethinkers throughout history
  • Talented musicians serenaded us with fiddles, trumpets, ukeleles, pianos, and more!
  • Climbers summited our tower–and their personal fears!
  • Green, blue, and pink flames in our campfire helped us explore the concepts of electrons and elements.
  • We were overcome with ALIEN SLIME!!
  • The “prophet” of Architeuthis challenged us to examine logical fallacies.
  • Smiley Fries.

One month after camp, CQNW Board members and volunteers are already hard at work planning for next year.  Stay connected through our volunteers email list, our Facebook page (where photos are posted throughout the year), the parents discussion group, and our Meetup group, and stay tuned throughout the year for exciting developments!


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  1. Lily says:

    Is there any way to access the photo slideshow from this year? The two previous years are on youtube but I have not been able to find 2014’s. As of right now there may not be space for me at 2015’s session, so reliving the last one would be awesome.

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