Pat yourselves on the back!

Camp Quest NorthWest’s overnight session went beautifully. The campers and counselors had loads of fun and everyone I talked to couldn’t wait to come back next year.camper with van de graaff generator

While at camp we learned about doing math with soap bubbles, making stone tools, how evolution by selection works, and we built go-karts. We also saw just how large the solar system is, built crystal radios, and had a chance to examine hominid fossil replicas while learning about human ancestors. The archery range and climbing wall were popular daily activities as was the nightly camp fire, and on the last night our campers wowed us with some great skits that they’d been working on all week.

Thanks to everyone who worked behind the scenes to make it all happen.  This wouldn’t have happened without your hard work and dedication.  The coming year looks very promising!

Campers with hominid fossil replicas

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