Camp is fun!!! But that’s all it is, right?

Depends on how you look at it.

Campers think they’re having a blast. Really, though, they’re more than “just” having fun. Let’s consider archery, one of the activities at CQNW this summer. Learning archery takes “activity skills (level 1)”–how to hold a bow, how to hold back and release the arrow, hit a target–but also what has often been termed “life skills (level 2).”

When a camper pulls back and prepares to release an arrow, what she says inside her head at that precise moment will determine her outcome. If she says, “Oh no; the bow is shaking, everyone else is staring at me, the sun is in my eyes, and…,” anyone in the vicinity better watch out!

But if the camper has been taught to take a deep breath, hold it, and say things like, “slow and easy, knees flexed, I’ve done this before so I know I can do it, and…,” success is much more likely.  By learning to listen to herself, she will get considerable practice throughout the week in the essential skill of engaging in positive, constructive self-talk under pressure.

That’s something most of us need to practice.

Glad I’m going to Camp Quest NorthWest this summer.  See you at the archery range in August!

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