Report from Camp Quest, Inc. Summit

Take a look at this photo.  What do electric blue, touchdowns, and earbuds have in common? I promise that all the information you need to answer the question is in this photo (really!)

Did you guess? I sure didn’t the first time I tried this type of challenge. Shawn (in the electric blue shirt on the top left,) Norm (making the touchdown sign in the middle in front of the mirror,) and Amanda (pictured with white earbuds hanging out of her pocket just below Norm) are all to the left of Jeff, the guy in the red hooded sweatshirt pointing at the camera.

This is just one of the many brief games and brainteasers I learned this past weekend at the exciting and motivational Camp Quest Inc. Summit. Just from this type of quick 5 minute “filler,” I was reminded and encouraged to look at my surroundings with new eyes. In person we all laughed, had fun, and shook up our conventional method of solving the “problem.” I can’t wait to try some with our campers!

I’m bringing back lots of information and strategies to make our first Camp Quest NorthWest session an amazing experience for all involved! Hope to see you all at Camp Kirby August 15-21, 2012!

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