A recent Washington Post article

An article called “Camp Quest is atheists’ answer to bible school” has been making the rounds recently. Written by Monica Hesse for the Washington Post, the piece does a good job illustrating the reasons behind Camp Quest’s existence as an alternative to the far more prevalent so-called bible camps. It’s a good reminder that many kids aren’t surrounded by people who tolerate non-religious views. Some aren’t even able to openly ask questions about religion for fear of upsetting those around them.

That being said, it would be incorrect to call Camp Quest an atheist camp. More accurately, we offer a place where children of non-religious households can come and experience camp free from dogma. We would be happy to have children from religious households attend as well. Our goal is to help children learn how to think critically, for which differing viewpoints and experiences are essential.

If you have a few moments it’s definitely worth a read.

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